Friday, May 21, 2010

21st trip back Kuching ( 24,600 km achieved!)

Inul at Selangau pit stop

When we started to leave our home at 8.30 am on the 16th of April, the weather was fine. After Sibu however we faced a short 3 hours of rain out of a total of ten hours-long journey back to Kuching. This would be our 21st trip back Kuching and on arrival there would add another 600 km to our record.
I was behaving well on this trip and occasionally would hear fospa and fosma saying "Inul is accustomed to travelling long distance now". "Hmmm....not bad for a small town girl", I thought. Mama as usual loves travelling long distances for the main reason that it afforded her time to sleep, sleep and sleep. She would at times ask for a frontal view of the highway and loved to see big buses and lorries go flashing by. ( See inset: Mama at the front seat )
One lorry, two lorries , three lorries ..endless lorries go by

Rain along the way - for 3 hours of the journey after Sibu

Short afternoon tea break at highway junction outside Sarikei town. Here fospa and fosma had fried mee and they said was excellent.

Refuelling at Betong Highway petrol kiosk - after about 6 hours journey from Bintulu. Total amount spent on fuel from Bintulu to Kuching is now at RM 100 per 10 hours journey.

Me from inside the pick-up watching the re-fuelling in progress.

Mama's favourite hobby!!
We arrived Kuching by late afternoon i.e. at 6.30 pm.
Total distance achieved on this 21st trip back Kuching = 24,600 km

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