Sunday, April 18, 2010

A leaf mantis

Inul saw this mantis clinging to the mosquito netting at the farm.
The mantis was camouflaged in the form of a dried rolled -up brown leaf.
Therefore Inul would just like to call it a leaf mantis.
Inul loves wildlife.

21st trip to Bintulu (24,000 km achieved)

From inside the car, Inul saw this baby monkey.

On the 4th of April, we took to the highway early. As usual the whole journey took approximately 10 hours. It was sunny for the most part of the journey. Heavy rains were met from Sibu to Bintulu.
With this 21st trip to Bintulu, our travelling record tied a notch higher i.e. 24000 km. Here are some pictures of the journey.
Inset : Me and Mama taking naps along the way.
At the Sibu central market and from inside the car I watched fospa as he walked around the jungle produce market to see any strange plants, fruits etc.. But what intrigued him ( and Me) was a tiny monkey which was brought to market by one of the traders . The tiny baby was shown around the market. No, it was not for sale. The baby monkey was made a companion by one of the jungle produce traders there.
A busy street adjacent to the market .

We encountered rain for about 3 hours of the journey. A typical sight along the Pan-Borneo Highway.
On this trip we made a pit stop at Betong for refuelling and a late lunch. There we saw these two stray cats.
Finally, at around 7.30 pm we arrived Bintulu.

Remember me, Inul?

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Mama breaks out the news

Very early this morning( 3 April) Mama broke the news to me. She said" Inul, get ready to go on the road tomorrow". "Oh, no! not again".
Mama kept on saying,"Inul, fospa need to go and tend the gardens in Bintulu." I know Mama likes to go back to Bintulu. She loves the jungle at the back of our chalet where she often wanders, jumps and runs.
Here's my pix (inset) at 2 years 2 months.

Mama Daisy checks out the boundary

On this interlude, Mama Daisy regularly checked out the progress of building works around our house boundary.

Below are pixes.

A worker applies cement plaster to the fence post or pillar.

This is Mama Daisy favourite alley. It's just behind our house.

Inul fools around

What Inul did during Kuching interlude (after 20th trip)?

This time around we'll be in Kuching for an extended period of time. Therefore Ill have more time to fool around the house.
Here are my favourite playground spots:
1) On the door sill ( above pix)
2) On the rooftop ( inset)
3) At the front garden ( below pix)

Note : On this Kuching interlude (after 20th trip) we have achieved a cumulative distance of 23,400 km. Oh, I need this much needed rest. People, I'm four legged. I don't have wheels!!